The project activity is composed by six Work Packages (WP). The technical work, divided in design and experimental developments, is grouped into four WPs (WP2-WP5). WP2 defines the context of operation of the project and defines the demonstrator requirements. The multipurpose antenna tile module, FLEXTILE, is designed in WP3. This WP has a crucial importance as it elaborates the high-level design of the tile into the different blocks, namely radiating elements, AFE MMICs, packaging, module manifold and digital backend. The design phase runs in parallel with the experimental validation that is operated by WP5. This WP is responsible of all the project tests, including both assessments on individual components and on the final demonstrators. The integration phase, which includes the mechanical design of the demonstrators, the design of the discrete lens and the detailed design of the final tests, is implemented by WP4. WP1 “Project management” and WP6 “Exploitation and Dissemination” are horizontal work packages which cover the overall duration of the project.

Work Package 1 - Project Management

Project management will be focused at ensuring the project operation effectiveness. Internal procedures will be defined and updated to better adapt to the project workflow. Management activities will make use of all the communication channels within the consortium, including the management software tools.

Work Package 2 - Application context and requirements

This WP provides: the definition of the application context and first outlook of the exploitation strategy; the identification of two use demonstrator scenarios: i) Satcom on the move for airborne platform and ii) terrestrial ultra-low latency backhauls for high-altitude platforms; the requirements for the two use cases and following requirements and high-level design of the two demonstrators: i) requirements of the antenna tile, and ii) preliminary test plan.

Work Package 3 - FLEXTILE modules development

The activities of this WP are focused to the design of the antenna tile in all its parts. Each subsystem will be designed in this WP including the full planning of the intermediate experimental validation. The integration strategy will be evaluated along with a detailed breakdown of the prototyping and manufacturing costs. This WP will also evaluate the procurement time schedule and the access to the technologies required for development of the antenna tiles prototypes.

Work Package 4 - Module prototyping and demonstrators’ integration

This WP will be focused on the manufacturing and integration of the final demonstrators. The WP will receive the results of WP 3 and will deliver all the mechanical and electric components required for the experimental validation of the two demonstrators.

Work Package 5 - Experimental validation

This WP defines implements the experimental assessment on the intermediate prototypes generated in WP3, on the integrated modules and on the two demonstrators assembled in WP4.

Work Package 6 - Exploitation and dissemination

This work package aims at maximizing the impact of FLEXCOM by ensuring the take up of its outcomes in the European and Worldwide SatCom industry and to involve the European manufacturing industry in the related fields. This work package leads the implementation of the dissemination and exploitation plans for FLEXCOM outcomes. To support the different foreseen activities, the work package is organized in two tasks dealing with: i) one dealing with Dissemination and Communication, and ii) one dealing with Exploitation and Innovation.