FLEXCOM intends to pursue a multi-objective action.

Objective 1. FLEXCOM intends to build a highly integrated and highly flexible, broadband, scalable, TX/RX array tile (FLEXTILE) that enforces a new modular approach to phased array design.

Objective 2. FLEXTILEs aims at establishing a new SatCom antenna design approach conceived to enable low-cost development of manifold SatCom user terminals easily customizable to different application scenarios.

Objective 3. FLEXCOM will prove that the proposed tile-based architecture can be employed as the fundamental building block of several antenna configurations where beam scanning or multi beam capabilities are required.

Objective 3. FLEXCOM intends to develop custom analog and digital building blocks to be integrated using advanced packaging techniques.

Objective 5. FLEXCOM intends to demonstrate the impact of the FLEXTILE architecture by realizing and testing three demonstrators.