The FLEXCOM proposal fits into the research and development activity pursued by each partner both in previous projects (both EU and ESA funded) and in their internal research activity. The Consortium includes two academic partners (CNIT and UULM), 3 SMEs (EVATRONIX, ANTECNICA and TTI), two technology providers (IHP and TE2V), a user terminal manufacturer and SatCom player (THALEs) and two key players in the 5G market (SIAE and NOKIA). Participants are distributed in 5 EU countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Poland) with a wide geographical distribution. Apart from these quantitative evaluations, the FLEXCOM Consortium is built taking into account the real needs of the project and the previous experience of the partners with the aim of creating a balanced team which can create a unique context to link expertise resulting from the 5G and the SatCom context.