• TTI is an SME that was founded in 1996 with 100% private capital, and today remains as an independent and private limited society. Currently, TTI comprises an expanding team of 100 highly qualified engineers well supported by key lab and fabrication assets. TTI works in the technological forefront of space, military, telecommunications, science and information technology sectors.
  • TTI expertise is focused on Radiofrequency and Antennas technologies: RF Equipment (SSPAs, LNAs, Converters), Feeders and Antenna Systems, Active Phase Arrays, Flat Panels, and Waveguide components and subsystems.
  • TTI has among its customers important national and international technology corporations. TTI has carried out an ambitious R&D program to develop new products and services for its customers, teaming R&D activities with the most prestigious national and European organizations.
  • TTI participates actively with the main European research organisms and with the major telecommunications companies in several R&D projects, to develop continuously more efficient and competitive solutions for the next generation of communication systems.

Role in the FLEXCOM project

TTI will collaborate on the application context and requirements. TTI will participate in the airborne demonstrator’s design and implementation, leading the integration and testing. TTI will also be also involved in the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project.